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Sakrado is an established company located in the beautiful city of Vienna forming the heart of Europe, where we provide an extensive bouquet of service offerings capable of meeting our clients every need.


Invest with Sakarado for the ultimate solution and peace of mind.


for the ultimate solution and peace of mind


Property & Development

At Sakrado we hold a distinctive range of property true to the luxurious surroundings of Vienna. If you are looking for Luxury and Comfort, we can assist by providing you with a product that will make your stay not just exceptional but contribute to a unique life style suitable for only the best. If your are looking for property or have a desire to develop our own unique establishment, our team at Sakrado are able to facilitate and assist in all aspects required to make your dreams a reality.

Executive and Business Aviation

Sakrado provides an exclusive solution to owners and operators of Private Jets whether it is used for private or commercial use. Our professional team of experts can accommodate and facilitate your requirements to the finest detail and develop a bespoke product meeting your every need.

Whether it is a charter you are looking to buy, or selling of an aircraft, your optimal solution is a mere phone call or visit away.

Our central location in Vienna are suitably located to provide services across Central and Eastern Europe the Middle East and beyond for all our distinctive clientele, ensuring each request and requirement is tailored to a service unique to that of Sakrado.


A) Crude Trading-

Extensive experience in the buying and selling of crude across the globe by ensuring continuous monitoring of markets and providing for sound platforms to ensure best returns is earned at all times.

B) Exploration-

Boasting several years of extensive exploration experience in various regions, with renowned successes in Angola among others.

C) Drilling & Maintenance Wells-

Through many years of experience Sakrado has mastered the technique in providing for adequate drilling practices using the best methods and techniques associated with suitable environment and requirements. In addition have we specialized in development, production and relief wells, ensuring a safe and reliable operation at all times.

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This beautiful Falcon 2000 joined our fleet. A astonishing wide-body Jet.

Dez 27, 2017


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